Top 9 Beard Styles for 2017

You've decided to grow a beard, congratulations!!!  Now, what's the best beard style for your face?

While some beard styles gain popularity others fade over time.  The purpose of sharing some of the top beard styles with you is not to tell you exactly how to grow your beard, but to offer inspiration on how others have grown their beards and how your beard may look over time if you grow it out in a similar fashion.

It's safe to say if there are 100,000,000 men growing beards around the world, there are also 100,000,000 beard styles because as each human face is unique, so goes his beard.

This article is to give you a condensed guide on the most popular beard styles that have survived the test of times and will not be going anywhere soon.  Let's get started.

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Bandholz Beard Style

The Bandholz beard style is a full beard, worn with a mustache, allowed to grow to its maximum length. This will vary from man to man. Some will struggle to achieve a growth of a few inches, while other may wind up tripping over their whiskers.

The Bandholz beard works well with a variety of facial shapes from oblong, oval, and diamond shaped to triangular or inverted triangle.

Read more about the Bandholz Beard Style from Legends Beard here.


Extended Goatee Beard Style

The Extended Goatee beard style is a standard goatee style with the hairline extended along the jawline and the attached mustache.

The Extended Goatee adds a bit of panache along with the a bit of extra hair than the standard goatee style.  This style is sometimes called the tailback or Hollywoodian beard style as well.

Read more about the Extended Goatee Beard Style from Legends Beard here.

Balbo Beard Style

The Balbo style is a sophisticated and stylish type of beard, displaying quite a bit of character. It especially suits a man with a narrow chin. The style is a combination of a goatee and an unconnected mustache.

For some men, a handlebar mustache, properly trimmed and waxed, looks particularly good with this look.

To grow a Balbo it's best to start with a full beard and trim it down. Grow out your facial hair for about 4 weeks and then start on the beard sculpturing. The cheeks are clean shaven when done.

Read more about the Balbo Beard Style from Legends Beard here.

Ducktail Beard Style

Despite the rustic sound of the name, the Ducktail beard has long been seen as a sophisticated type of display, introduced into the British Isles by visiting diplomats and other dignitaries. The Ducktail style is a popular choice of many businessman, actors, politicians, and others wishing to impart a sense of dignity with a dash of testosterone.

This beard style is also known as the Stiletto beard by some and originated in the fifteenth century.  It resembles a duck's hind quarters.  It's a form of full beard and gives the man a feeling of being part of the wild

Read more about the Ducktail Beard Style from Legends Beard here.

Goatee Beard Style

A Goatee beard style is grown on the chin, with hair starting under the lower lip and growing down from there. The rest of the face is clean shaven, free of facial hair.

A proper goatee should be as wide as the mouth. The sides should be clearly defined, and can be either straight or slightly curved, depending on personal preference. The hair is then rounded off at the bottom. Properly styled, a goatee can be devilishly handsome!

Read more about the Goatee Beard Style from Legends Beard here.

Circle Beard Style

Tips on growing a Circle Beard.  If the top corners of your mustache are too sharply angular, use a precision trimmer to smooth them into a downward curve. Shave your stubble into a wide goatee, then trim your beard to the desired length.

Now it’s time to complete the circle. With a precision trimmer, carefully shape the goatee into the lower section of the circle, joining it to the rounded shape of the mustache. Take a good look in the mirror, and make any adjustments needed.

Read more about the Circle Beard Style from Legends Beard here.

Van Dyke Beard Style

A Van Dyke beard is a combination of a goatee with a mustache. To achieve a classic look, it is important to ensure that the cheeks are clean shaven, completely free of facial hair, and the beard is trimmed precisely. Always take special care with maintaining a smooth and precise line on the goatee, although the shape is open to personal interpretation.

The style appeals to a wide variety of individuals, from the royalty of the United Kingdom to Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin. General Custer sported a Van Dyke from time to time, as did another famous military man, Col. Sanders.

Read more about the Van Dyke Beard Style from Legends Beard here.

French Fork Beard Style

The French Fork style of beard is simply a full beard, grown to a length of three to seven inches, or longer according to personal preference, and divided down the middle directly below the chin.

The beard can be of a full and bushy type, with each side veering dramatically to the left or right, or a more subtle variety, with each well-groomed tendril sedately falling from the chin. Beads and braids are, of course, optional but much easier to accommodate with a Frech Fork beard style.

Read more about the French Fork Beard Style from Legends Beard here.

Mutton Chops Beard Style

The Mutton Chops beard starts with a great set of long sideburns. Most people think of sideburns as the thin strip of facial hair extending from the scalp to the upper chin, tight in front of the ear. But sideburns are, indeed, much more than that!

The name itself is derived from Civil War General Ambrose Burnside, whose extravagantly exaggerated lateral facial hair extended in a bushy mass down to his chin, connected by a large mustache.

Read more about the Mutton Chops Beard Style from Legends Beard here.

Next Steps...

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